Public Safety  – The City of Lacey has a well trained and well equipped police force.  But, as the population increases, we must make certain that the police force grows with the population.  Residential growth doesn’t produce the revenue necessary to keep up with that need.   We need to encourage retail growth that provides the funds necessary to meet our needs for continued increases in our police department.

I support the use of body cameras on our police officers, but only when rules and regulations are adopted which protects the privacy of the  public and of the police officers.

Transportation  – Lacey has well-maintained and quality streets.   I supported a sales tax increase to fund the Transportation Benefit District.  However, that does not help the traffic flow and congestion.  We need to look at growth patterns which place more and more cars on the road without an adequate plan to handle the increased traffic.   I don’t favor a construction moratorium, but I do think we need to make certain that new housing construction include sufficient funds to make a significant impact on any new  traffic congestion the development creates.

Northeast Lacey and the lands north of I-5, is not served by Intercity Transit.  Senior housing developments like Jubilee deserve to have bus service.  As a member of the Lacey City Council I will encourage Intercity Transit to make service to land  north of the freeway a priority.

Community Projects  –   I support the creation of a Lacey centered Sports Commission which will bring more sports groups to Lacey and more revenue for local merchants.  I also support the creation of more sports facilities including  the use of additional park land opposite the Regional Athletic Complex.

I also support protection of Lacey’s history and the construction of a new Lacey Museum.  Building of a Train Depot replica is the first step.   We also need to allocate sufficient funds to begin renovation of the new building recently purchased by the city for the new Lacey Historical Museum.  That means funding additional staff.

Annexation  – There are nearly 60,000 residents living in the Lacey Urban Growth Area.   Eventually all of them will be incorporated into the City of Lacey.  Construction of both residential and commercial properties is scattered and not well planned.   Lacey must begin the process of annexing property in the Urban Growth Area so we can adequately zone and plan for well-thought out  growth.   I support future annexation of the Lacey Urban Growth area as soon as feasible.