Ken has a number of supporters, some of whom are listed below.   Others names will be listed as we get them.  If you would like to endorse Ken, please use the form below or contact us directly.  Thank You!


Virgil Clarkson – Lacey City Council

Lenny Greenstein – Lacey City Council

Mark Brown – former Lacey Mayor

Andrew Barkis – State Representative 2nd District

Ralph Munro- former Secretary of State

Sam Reed – former Secretary of State

Dick Bever – former Lacey Deputy Mayor

Jon Halvorson – former Lacey Mayor

Gary Edwards – Thurston County Commission

John (Hutch) Hutching – Thurston County Commission

Bill McGregor – Port of Olympia Commission

Tom t. Nelson – Lacey Fire Commission

Raj Manhas – former North Thurston School Superintendent

Gary Alexander – former state Representative

Ed Bagley

Randy Luke

Jan Teague (Ken’s spouse)

Mike Marohn

Erin Volz

Jim and Jean Olson

Melody Borcherding

Doug DeForest

Ken Parsons

Stewart Ridgeway

Joseph DiSanto

John Heelan

Joseph Beaulieu

Mike Edwards

Lanny Weaver

Amber Raney

Bob Kagy

Dick Pust

Kim Bauman

Dave Vincent

Shirley Dziedzic

Howard Burton

David Nicandri

Judi Hoefling

Larry Engel

Jerry Wilkins

Cynthia Collins

Heidi Persson

Joel Graham

Tom McCabe

Gene and Janet Dolan

Mrs. Johnny (Ruth) Lewis

Tom Iovanne

Bill Frare

Charlie Kirry

Kevin Huffer

Tony Salas

Daniela Anderson

Sandi Wilson

Kevin Bonagofski

Van Van Jepmond

Andrew Oczkowicz

Tom Dewel

Verle Ketchum

Ken Michael

Yvonne Conway

Col. Michael Jackson

Bill Connor

Clint Robbins

Paulie G

Madelin White

Grace Kendall

Please feel free to use this form to endorse Ken Balsley or leave a testimonial to his character.  Thank You!


“I’ve known Ken Balsley for 44 years—as a fellow member of the Lacey Rotary Club, and as the former Editor of The Lacey Leader, Lacey’s only newspaper in the 1970s that helped establish the city’s identity apart from Olympia. Ken Balsley was a huge part of the effort to cement Lacey’s place on the Thurston County map. Ken has been a lifelong supporter, booster and champion of Lacey’s place in the universe. His knowledge of the city’s history is like a very long and very deep river that is constantly flowing, like Ken’s attention to what’s going on in Lacey as a citizen who was not on the Lacey City Council. Now is the time to put Ken’s knowledge, commitment and contacts to use for the betterment of Lacey, a growing enterprise that gains more influence in Thurston County as the years pass. Ken is my friend, and one of his best traits is his loyalty. I believe Ken will be loyal to the City of Lacey and its interests, and listen to the hopes and concerns of the citizens he will represent.”   – Ed Bagley

Gary Edwards, Thurston County Commissioner

“I have known Ken since our high school days. He has always been interested in and involved in community activities. I served with him on the Lacey Mad Festival, on the Board of Lacey Rotary and in the Lacey/Thurston County Chamber of Commerce. Ken has given thousands of hours for the benefit of Lacey. During my years on the Lacey City Council, I found him to be well informed on the issues we faced and always willing to discuss them and offer his insight, which I greatly appreciated. I am delighted he is running for Lacey City Council. I don’t believe there is a better qualified person than Ken for the position.”    – Richard Bever

Virgil Clarkson, Lacey City Council

“I have known Ken since I moved here over 20 years ago. I served on the Lacey Chamber board and several committees with him. I know of no one who loves the city of Lacey more. It is time to put him in a position to take it to the next level.”    – Stewart Ridgeway

Bill McGregor, Olympia Port Commissioner

“Ken Balsley, a longtime Lacey resident, is one of Lacey’s best ambassadors and cheerleaders. He is extremely passionate about its future and The Go-To Historian for its past.”  – Riley Moore

“As a former city council member and mayor I know what passion it takes to be elected to this office. Ken has the knowledge and the passion to move Lacey into the next few decades”  – Thomas L. Nelson

“His love and passion for the city of Lacey is only equaled by his integrity and honesty. Ken Balsley has a vast knowledge of all things Lacey, the ability to see down the road to the future and the drive to accomplish what needs to be done to keep Lacey thriving.”  – Kathleen Blanchette