Hobbies and Interests

I like to read.  I subscribe to maybe a dozen magazines and two daily newspapers.   I seldom read fiction.  I  watch a lot of television, but it’s usually documentaries or historical dramas.   I watch television news.   I’ve grown tired of local Seattle news since its mostly crime, accidents and death.  I watch cable news.   I switch between Fox News and CNN because I like to get different perspectives on events.

I play the guitar, write songs and sing.   I’ve played since I was a teenager but I’m not much better now than when I was 16.   I learned to play the guitar so I could get my writing out to a larger audience.  None have been published but some have been performed locally.  I wrote the welcoming song for the Hawks Prairie Rotary Club and more recently, the new city song “You’re Never A Stranger in Lacey.”

I really love history and never pass up a chance to visit a history museum or learn something more about our community.  In the last few years I’ve become interested in Art and traveling with my wife, I’ve learned a great deal about art, artists and their times.   I’m absolutely no expert but really enjoy art history..

I love to play poker.   I’ve belong to a local poker group.  I enjoy the competition and think I’m a fairly good player.  However, if you ask the group, they may tell you different.

I have been active in Rotary.  It’s a great organization for those who want to make a difference in their community and in the world.  I served as District Governor overseeing the operation of 78 clubs from Vancouver Island to the Columbia River.


First and foremost I’m happily married to Jan Teague for the last 26 years.  We have a blended family of 5 kids and 14 grandkids, many of whom live close.  We love and appreciate all of our extended family.

I served for eight years on the Lacey Historical Commission and am currently the chair of the Lacey Board of Park Commissioners.   I’m on the City of Lacey’s 50th Birthday Committee and have given more than a dozen talks on the history of Lacey.  I’m also on the Board of the Thurston County Historic Commission

I was founder and president of the Lacey Civic Committee, which funded and built the Welcome to Lacey sign and saved the city’s first city hall, restoring it and making it the Lacey History Museum. We built the Welcome to Lacey sign and the Lacey Civic Plaza by using the combined talents of the Lacey Rotary Club and the Lacey Sunrise Lions.  I also started the Community Improvement Awards which recognize individuals, organizations and businesses which have helped make Lacey a better, more attractive place in which to live.

I served as President of the Lacey Rotary Club where I sponsored the first six women  members into my club.  I started two high school Rotary clubs called Interact clubs which teach students leadership skills and community service.  I served as District Governor for Rotary International where I led 5000 Rotary volunteers from Vancouver Island to the Columbia River.  During my year as District Governor we raised nearly half a million dollars to help eradicate polio.

I served as president of the Lacey Chamber of Commerce and was on the board of that organization for 13 years.  During my time on the board we doubled our membership, improved our financial status and increased the status of the chamber in the greater Lacey community.

I was founder and president of the 1989 Washington State Centennial Organizing Committee formed to increase awareness of the state’s 100th birthday.    I served as Lacey’s representative on the Cultural Arts Advisory Committee which determined where the Washington Center for the Performing Arts would be located.

Other Facts

A few years ago i was a reading buddy for children in the Olympia School District.  I enjoy the personal contact with the kids.

I’m a long time member of the Lacey Chamber of Commerce.  On two occasions our local military establishment held Community Leader tours  and as such I was able to travel with the military to many bases and airfields around the country.

I like to walk.   I try to walk every day and usually am successful in doing so.  I  walk around the different blocks in my neighborhood off College Street and visit with people as I walk.  It’s good exercise and it gives me the opportunity to meet my neighbors.

I have given more than 100 historical tours of South Thurston County.   I do this to let newcomers to our community know that there is more to the county than just Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater  I try to take new community leaders on these tours, but I also give them out to various charities to auction off.   I’ve gotten to meet a lot of good, interesting people.  I never charge for the tour, but I will accept lunch.